We're People-Centric

A group of friends came together in 2018 following the demise of a couple of household brands and collaborated to form a brand new people-centric company. 

The connection was so deep many of them just wanted to work together again, encouraging & valuing every individual and supporting each other through the business. 

VivaMK Network was founded and thrives on the power of PARTNERSHIP, always putting PEOPLE first and avoiding the corporate treadmill of larger organisations where profits often dwarf the importance of people. 

We have hundreds of Partners already enjoying the warmth, connection & income available through VivaMK Network. 

Our Goals are huge as we grow in numbers, however, our focus will always be on valuing individuals and encouraging them to be involved in every aspect of the business. 

We proudly call ourselves THE PEOPLE'S BUSINESS and live by that principle in everything we do.